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Top 10 Tips for Hair & Skin that Will Prepare You For Winter 2018

winter care tips
Winter has knocked the door and now it’s our turn to welcome this awesome season. Here are some tips which will help you to cover up for the season.

Moisturizing your Body:

A good body lotion will help you fight the dry skin and will give your skin a glowing and radiant look. More effective while using it just after the shower.

Avoid Using Hot Water Shower:

Hot water shower might help you to beat cold, but it can also damage your skin. So, try using lukewarm water for bathing.

Don’t Leave Sunscreen:

Sun bathing during winter is fun filled, but it also causes damage to your skin. So, make sure you have applied Sunscreen before stepping out in the sun.

Cracked Heals:

Another problem which we face during winter is the cracked heels. So, try to soak your feet in warm water for 15-20 mins and then scrub with a pumice stone. Apply some cream over it. To avoid cracked heels use this process regularly.

Take Care of your Hands:

Try to keep your hands well moisturized before going to bed and always wear gloves when you are out. This will ensure your hands are well protected and avoid your nails from sudden breakage.

Cracked Lips:

 winter care tips for soft-pink-lips
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Cracked lips are the biggest problem during winter, hence try not to lick your lips instead using lip balm with at least SPF 15, which will rejuvenate your beautiful lips.

Oil your hair:

Try to massage your scalp regularly with oil an hour or night before washing your hair. To avoid split ends and dry hair, spread the oil towards the tip as well.

Hair Conditioning:

After every shower, use conditioners as it provide smoothing effect to your dry hair. Conditioners are meant to provide moisture to your hair and will help your hair from further damage during winter.

Avoid Hair Dryers:

Hair dryers can make your hair brittle and dry so try avoiding it during winter months as it can worsen the conditions of your beautiful hairs.

Always Wear a Scarf:

Winter brings dry wind and sun along, hence try using scarf while stepping outside as it can damage your hair to a great extent. Make sure the scarf isn’t too tight to stop the blood circulations in your scalp.

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