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The best types of protein powders of 2019

Types of protéin powder
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As we all know that, protein is a  very important part in a diet. Taking right type of protein with a right amount is very necessary. There are many types in protein supplements which are available in market. Hence people tends to get confused about the type of protein their body requires.Would it give the expected result ?

“Is it worth to use protein powders?”

 The answer is yes. The protein powders are very good source of protein, as  well as they contain low amount of cholesterol and fats. It is not only cheap compare to chicken or fish (which are rich source of protein), but also provide more amount of protein. Each protein powder has different tastes,  sweeteners, additional ingredients, to enhance the quality of protein powder and the most important thing above all is the different serving of protein in gram per scoop. Hence to make it easy for choosing the best protein powder, you must read the following types of protein powders.

Whey protein:

Whey protein is the most popular form of supplemental protein, and is derived from milk. During the process of cheese making, the milk is coagulated, which causes it to split into solids and liquids. The liquid part is literally whey protein. In short whey is a synonym for water-soluble milk proteins. Whey is popular due to fast absorption in the body, which is good for muscular gains and muscle recovery after workout. It provides all essential amino acids. Whey protein is good for beginners. The cost of whey protein is less than other type of protein powders, hence it is lighter for your pocket. You can take it pre and post workout and also between the meals. In some people, it may causes digestion issues like gases or bloated stomach.


Casein protein is milk protein. Casein protein refers to the water insoluble proteins derived from dairy sources. Casein is a complete protein source and it’s amino acid profile is relatively high in glutamine, which help to increase the immunity. It is a ‘slow absorbing’ due to its gel forming properties. It generally take 5-6 hours to breakdown. Hence nutrients provide by casein are slow and for longer time. The best time to take the casein is at night as a replacement of meal. You can also take it during a day which will help you to stay full for longer duration and also provide needed nutrients for an hours after drinking it.

Egg protein:

Egg protein is the protein fragment from egg whites, heat treated, and dehydrated into powder form. It is one of the oldest source of protein than protein powders Egg white protein can be useful to round out dietary protein needs. It breaks slowly than whey protein .Egg whites are an excellent source of egg albumin. The amino acid present in egg protein help to build lean muscle mass. Egg protein used in all meal replacement powder. It can be take anytime during the day. However it is not recommended at night.

Soy protein:

It is a good source of protein for vegans both for men and women.  Soy help to reduce the higher cholesterol level because it contain isoflavones. Which also boost the metabolism, thereby it help in fat loss. Soy contain estrogen like substance called phyto- estrogens which decrease the intensity of symptoms during menopausal period. Hence it is very beneficial especially for women. This type of protein can be used both pre and post workout or anytime throughout the day if needed to get in a meal/snack containing protein. This source is not preferred to use at night. However it is not much useful for body building.

Rice and pea protein:

It is another great source of protein for vegans. Some people have to deal with allergies to many foods like dairy products, soy products or egg products. For them this combination of protein is like a blessing. Amino acid profile of a rice and pea combination is very similar to that of whey protein; due to this, a rice and pea combination formula is sometimes said to be a vegan source of whey protein. But for the good results you should have to take combination of rice and pea protein in equal proportion.

As we have seen that there are lots of verities of protein powders. To know about the actual result of any protein powder , you should  give at least 1 to 2 month . Now having read the types pf protein supplements, you can now either continue with the same one or can shift to another protein.

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