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Saffron Diet! A Savior For All Stress Eaters 2018?

“EAT  to fuel your body, NOT to feed your emotions”


Yes, these wise words are proven facts by scantiest around worldwide. The stress eaters are increasing tremendous amount these days. These habits ultimately affecting our health, energy self esteem and overall our family dynamics.If one is struggling with emotional eating & stress eating,  Why not pass this Saffron diet tip on it?  Homeo-cure has done quite deep study and got great results for weight loss by incorporating saffron in diet.

As we known with fact that saffron is the premium quality food, but once we compare it with other weight loss medicines  it will surely give you better edge over price and results also with no side effects.

Why Homeo-Cure is stressing on the use for Saffron diet ?

Yes it’s a natural food that has not only weight loss benefits but also other major health benefits, you will be convinced  after reading this information in details as follows,

Yes Saffron has been proven to stop emotional cravings in their tracks, HOW?

Let’s focus on Term Serotonin- A natural mood regulator in human body, its levels makes you feel emotionally stable, less anxious, more focused and energetic.

How it’s intake regulate your weight loss?

  • All carbohydrates (Except fruit) are digested to glucose
  • Glucose enters into blood stream and releases insulin and pushes nutrient in to body parts (hearts, liver .etc.)
  • While moving in to blood cells the Tryptophan stays(Chemical) behind in blood stream
  • This tryptophan converted into serotonin in brain
  • Serotonin in brain gives appetite controlling effects by giving feeling of fullness.

This is how serotonin levels our emotional state, variation in their levels can lead to feeling of compulsive eating.


Saffron is a Ancient healing food/medicine, we can say with no side effects. It is a chemical component of safranal and crocin, elevates serotonin levels in body. Balanced levels can lead to less stressed and depressed mental state, feel better emotionally and less likely to overeat and carve unhealthy food and produce feeling of full stomach makes them feel satisfied.

Eating saffron stimulates the feelings an emotional eater would get from eating carbohydrates provides feeling of relief without  short term hit from carbs and makes your decision to say NO to food. Yes that’s the magic of saffron.

Other health benefits of saffron are,

  • Asthma cure
  • Whooping cough
  • Insomnia
  • Alzheimer’s disease cure
  • Heart burn remedy
  • Dry Skin remedy
  • Lessens cramps
  • Anti Pain food

Crocin component in saffron inhibits cancer cell growth. By incorporating saffron in your day to day life gives to tones of health benefits.

Healthy top 5 highlights of Saffron in daily life,

  1. Mood booster- Gives you relieved symptoms of depression ease anxiety & improve mood in those who consumed it regularly, that it changes your feel good hormones.
  2. Weight loss agent – It Combats emotional eating as discussed above.
  3. Improve bone strength – Intake of saffron optimized nutrient absorption particularly calcium & improve bone density.
  4. Improve immune system- It’s a good source of vitamin-c which affects immune system. It also forms collagen which is important for cellular and tissue production as well as muscle growth, blood vessels repair and wound healing.
  5. Heart healer- Saffron contain potassium that is the best to improve heart functioning. Potassium reduces stress and pressure on blood vessels of heart and lowers the risk of strokes.

At the end we can say that Saffron is a intelligent food choice though its bit costly. Easiest way to intake it before meal since it can help to cause you feel fullness of stomach faster and reduce craving.


Get your Saffron Diet plan with ease at Homeo-Cure.



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