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Quinoa, Amazing Vegan health booster 2020 !


Quinoa is an ancient grain, also known as the “Mother of all grains”. Commonly available quinoa in stores is white, red & black quinoa     (Keen-wah).

Today we are here to discuss the health benefits of quinoa in diet,

Most important thing in our day to day routine is How to prepare/ cook a diet food. Usually it takes a lot of time and skill to prepare salad/diet recipes /etc. Now that problem is solved! , use quinoa that takes only 15 min to cook.

Quinoa is relatively high in antioxidants as compared to others grains. Consumption of such antioxidant prevent the damage to cells caused by pollutants or some other stress related problems.

Ultimately consumption of antioxidant in diet prevent heart diseases, cancer, arthritis, stroke, respiration disease, immune deficiency, etc. which leads to boost up our overall health.

What is Quinoa?

It is a cereal (Pseudo-cereal) has a similar nutrition profiles as that of grains and cereals. It is considered as whole grain (Means is can be consumed without removing any of its parts).

One cup of Quinoa Contains –

Protein – 8.149 g

Calories – 222

Fiber – 5.2 g

Fat – 3.55 g (of which 0.42 is saturated fat)

Carbohydrates – 39.47 g

Also it contains manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, copper, iron, Zinc, potassium. Its Vitamins contains are B1, B2 & B6, E, B3 & Calcium.

By looking at such an amazing list of contents in the quinoa we can easily judge that it is the most nutritious vegan food available, also it has high protein to carb ratio as you compare with other grains.

No doubt that quinoa is considered as the ideal food for the long duration space travel by astronauts.

Health Benefits?

Yes it is a complete protein food, how?

It contain all nine amino acids that our body needs but cannot produce enough by self, makes this food a great dietary.

It is a best food for a muscle building!

You cannot build a muscle with low carbs, quinoa doesn’t contain any gluten, but it’s a complete protein , fibre & carbs, if consumed after workout repairs, rebuilds & protects muscles.

Magnesium rich !

Quinoa contain more than 30 % magnesium, which is essential for foundation of more than 300 enzymes.

Low level of magnesium can cause muscle spasm, cardiovascular disease, diabetics, high BP , migraine., etc.

Quinoa contains quercetin and kaempferol!

These are the antioxidants found high level in quinoa, it protects chronic diseases includes cancer also.

Quinoa prevents kidney stone formation tendency!

It manages to level the potassium levels in the body leads to cure kidney stone

So why not start your day with quinoa by incorporating it in to your day to day dishes like in salads, sliders, sandwiches etc.


“Healthy living starts with healthy eating “


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