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Important sources and benefits of Omega-3.

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Be it hair thickening, weight loss or during pregnancy, Omega 3 fats has an important role in every aspects of life. When it comes to fat, there’s one type you don’t want to cut and that is: Omega-3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acid can be found as various types. The important ones are – EPA and DHA primarily found in some fish while plant is a major source of another Omega-3 fatty acid called ALA. The important source of omega-3 for vegans are algae along with nuts and seeds. Not only does your body need these fatty acids to function, but also they deliver some big health benefits.

Instead of taking nutrition supplements of omega-3 fats, try to get it naturally. Eat food which contain omega-3 fat at least thrice a week. Following are the important sources of omega-3 in a meal. You can get high amounts of omega-3 fats from fatty fish, algae and several high-fat plant foods.

Some of the best resources of Omega-3 fatty acids along with serving are:salmon fish

Salmon : it contain 2260 mg of omega-3 per 100 grams

  • Mackerel : it contain 5134 mg of omega-3 per 100 grams
  • Oysters : it contain 672 mg of omega-3 per 100 grams
  • Cod liver oil: 2664 of omega-3 mg in a single tablespoon.
  • Flax seeds: 2338 of omega-3 mg per tablespoon of seeds, 7196 mg per tablespoon of oil.
  • Chia seeds: 4915 of omega-3 mg per ounce (28 grams).
  • Walnuts: 2542 of omega-3 mg per ounce, which amounts to 7 about walnuts.
  • Soybeans: 1443 of omega-3 mg per 100 grams
  • Sardines: 2205 of omega-3 mg per 100 grams
  • Hemp seeds: 1100 of omega-3 per ounce.


Omega-3 has been proved as the best options when it comes to diseases like:walnuts


2: Retinal and brain development in infants

3: Rheumatoid arthritis

4: Osteoporosis

5: Coronary heart disease and stroke

6: Asthma

7: Depression

8: General brain function along with Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss.

9: Psoriasis and Eczema

10: Inflammatory bowel disease

11: Inflammation






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