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How Your Mind is Making You Obese?

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“Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body will, feel the fear & do it anyways”


As you read the lines start feeling motivated immediately and it gives your thought  a temporary boost for sure that YES! now I am going to control my mind, I have to stop being lazy person, It’s only me who can transform myself into something better than present it might be financially, socially and most importantly health wise, because if you take care yourself (weight loss, weight gain, being healthy) then only you are going to enjoy your financial and social peaks. So ultimately it all comes to the unhealthy habits that usually starts with loosing mind control, So how to control your food cravings naturally ?

First rule of controlling food craving is start believing that,

“I can eat whatever I want & I am always in perfect weight!”

Yes, you might be confused thinking that “NO I am obese/ underweight how can I believe such false things”. We are talking about changing your mindset here, if you do this affirmation daily without any force and repeat it continuously, you will definitely start feeling great about your present body structure & you will start eliminating the negative thought automatically that “ I am fat/obese/underweight etc. & I can’t be fit!”, but if you repeat positive affirmations daily believe me or not definitely going to give you positive mindset to start your healthy journey.

You need to start feel great about each about your body part, don’t force your positive thoughts on mind let it flow naturally to get that start practicing the said affirmation daily after some time it will come naturally. Repeat the thoughts in your mind that  “I feel good of my body everyday”, whatever your current body weight situation might me (100 kg/ 50 kg etc.) it doesn’t matter at all. This is the just a beginning of your weight loss / weight gain journey. Just feel your mind with positive vibes.

As you start to feel good about your body, ask yourself following question,

  • How much weight I want to be in? Have a picture in your mind about yourself in that physique , as you are getting good diet and healthy routine daily imagine yourself getting in that physique day by day.
  • Put a belief in your diet routine that you are losing / gaining weight day by day, follow required diet like KETO DIET, LOW CARB DIET,etc.. Do contact professionals like Homeo-cure to keep your diet routine up to date and to look for follow ups.

After a sometime you will definitely start believing that,” YES I can do diet without craving for junk food”, you will only start craving for healthy food and it will be best phase of your life.

  • Receive the energy to lose/ gain weight!

How it is possible? Is there such concept exists, YES it is in your body itself. As you have started believing in your diet, feeling confident of your body, you will generate this energy automatically day by day to maximum extend for sure.

Remember on think that whenever you are on diet always focus on chewing the food & experience the swallowing it, don’t ever get distracted by its taste (might be good or bad doesn’t matter).


Try to shift your overweight/ underweight thoughts by making some secret sifters in your thought process like whenever thought comes immediately play music or read book, get busy in work, go for walk etc. Just completely try on ignoring that thought. As you start ignoring the thought naturally, it will definitely boost your diet regime 200%.

Homeo-cure can provide you a best weight loss / weight gain program but it’s all in your mind whether to be in relationship with your diet or unhealthy habit.


“Our Mind is master of our healthy body”


“Stay fit”


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