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Honour your body weight 2020 resolution!


“Thoughts becomes things”


We live in an age where we have forgotten what life is all about, we can easily put a person on moon & now mars also, but we are lazy enough to have trouble walking across street, playground or to have morning walk in order to keep ourselves fit. In short we lost touch with our life purpose i.e. we have lost sight of things that matter us the most which is nothing but our health.

“Health is our Real Wealth”

Yes, we always get worried about our health & weight, to live happier, more fulfilling lives when we encounter a difficult circumstances we must keep shifting our perspective & continually ask ourselves, “Is there a wiser, more enlighten way of looking at this seemingly negative situation (i.e overweight/underweight)?”

Always ask yourself Are your troubles(Weight loss or Weight gain) really that big?

You can always find answer to this question in yourself only i.e. “SELF DISCIPLINE”

“It is the only way to do all those things you know in your heart you should do but never feel like doing “

Self-discipline always leads to set clear goals, manage your time effectively to treat people well & obviously yourself & thinking of positive thoughts.

Act of self-discipline always start with self-love, be strict to yourself it’s the only way to live life more deliberately.

“We can say quality of our life/body/health is shaped by the quality of our choices & decisions.”


If you consume by important things i.e. DIET/WEIGHT TRAINING/ETC.  you will find easy to say no to less than worthy distractions, that’s why learning to say ‘NO’ to unhealthy foods is important, it will come from proper diet plan.

Also do remember that keep your aura positive all the time, HOW?

There is a simple technique! Select a phrase that you will train your mind to focus on at different times throughout the day i.e

“I am in so perfect weight  that I look smart, confident & attractive.”


“I am  so grateful that I that I am a physically & mentally fit person ”

Repeat these affirmations softly as you breath as you walk to workplace or anywhere else all day long. The words that motivates your soul are more precious than Jewell’s remember.

Most importantly, stop worrying too much about your weight because the worry habit can reduce one’s quality of life. We have to be careful all the time about our life choices, worrying leads us to trouble all the time. It is so simple to say ‘stop worrying’ but HOW?

Spare some fixed time to worry in every day like 30min during that time only you must think  about your problems & broad over your difficulties., but as that period ends leave problem be hind & start doing some productive thinking, make habit of such routine. This simple powerful thinking will help you to grow mentally & to gain self-discipline ultimately leads to follow strict diet/healthy eating.

“Genius is 1 percent inspiration & 99 percent perspiration ”

So pickup your bad habits throw them to your dustbin & rise up for healthy eating. Your positive thoughts will definitely leads to the weight loss/ gain.


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