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Early Morning Activity Unriddle !

Healthy early morning training

“To change your body, you must first change your mind”

Healthy living is a very personal phenomena, I would rather say that no one chooses or wants to live unhealthy life. What is health? It’s a state of being free of physical or psychological diseases, illness or malfunction. Nowadays so much of work stress and battle to survive in society making people negligible towards their personal health. “Early to bed early to rise” saying proves wrong today. We have to work 24/7,so how to manage your health is a big problem. Yes, health is our top most priority, all you need to do is spare one hour a day to yourself. How to do so? Let’s discuss here itself.

Being punctual to yourself is first thing you have to do, try to wake up early but not to forget to get enough sleep at night. Once you start to wake up early at least for 21 days, you will become used to it. If you fail to do so then keep in mind that only prayers cannot give you healthy life.

Now you have one good habit of waking up early utilize that time, may be one hour effectively,

  1. Get yourself freshen up, do some basic stretches for about 10 min.
  2. Sit down with legs folded do the breath exercises for at least 15 min. The reason to begin with breath exercise is, it makes your body full of oxygen which will be helpful for further exercises intensively. Lower the amount of oxygen in body leads to lack of concentration, short breath problem during workout, headache after workout,etc.
  3. So far you have utilized 25 min very effectively next thing you have to do is start doing ‘Suryanamaskar’,it’s a great element to begin with it stretches each and every muscle of your body very effectively. To begin with 10 Suryanamaskar per day will do the justice.
  4. Some of you have ample of free morning time so let’s start morning walk or running exercise, it will transform your body very early and it burns fat very effectively.
  5. Those who don’t have time for morning walk or running can do some other exercises at home like Squats, Lunges, Jump-rope workout and can extend the Suryanamaskar activity further.
  6. Last but not list, do not ever forget to work on your core muscle. No matter how fat or slim you are you have to do daily core exercises like abs workout,plank exercise (Those who don’t know please refer you tube) at least four sets per day with repetitions in the range of 10 to 20.It sounds very easy but believe me you have to achieve at least 50 to 100 repetitions at the end month in order to achieve flat tummy.


Now most of you say that so much of workout I have to do daily, it seems to be hell of a job, but if you survive for first two weeks you will be getting feeling to work your fingers to the bone and definitely start looking for more variations of exercises.

I believe that early morning exercise is an addiction,once you are addicted too no one will ever make you get rid of it. Those who needs extra motivation to start early morning exercise there are some secret positives happen with your body, your skin will start to glow more as you sweat more, surround people especially girls like flat tummy(God knows why?) so early morning exercises may prove lucky charm for you.

Jokes apart here is the serious thing, we as human beings can achieve anything keep in mind always. Reducing your belly, getting ripped body are very small things in life, all you need is develop mindset. Mindset to achieve great body, mindset to avoid junk food is very necessary. It is all in your head, strong minded people always stands out in life. I have nothing against over weight people or unhealthy people, not all people who look obese are actually obese ,some of them have physique in that way only. I can strongly say that you will feel more proud for yourself once you start morning exercises; it feels like you are doing justice to your body.

Lastly I would say that at least to eat more, party more you have to exercise more! Otherwise the volcano (tummy) will burst someday it’s your choice to keep it clam or heat it.

“Not to forget music with exercise is icing on the cake”

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