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Kahwa Tea the Amazing Health Booster!


We work, we do exercise, we do partying, we do traveling but one thing that doesn’t change is our habit of having morning beverage. Tea is an all-around healthy beverage, everyone knows that. Yes indeed it’s a healthy routine unless we choose the right one. Drinking a Tea with loads …

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Early Morning Activity Unriddle !

Healthy early morning training

“To change your body, you must first change your mind” Healthy living is a very personal phenomena, I would rather say that no one chooses or wants to live unhealthy life. What is health? It’s a state of being free of physical or psychological diseases, illness or malfunction. Nowadays so …

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How to loose weight naturally

Nowadays women are practicing wrong habit of eating. And the results are , putting some extra kilos of fats on body. Here are some remedies to loose weight naturally. 1.Wake up early in the morning. 2.Start your day with fruit/green tea. 3.Do some floor exercise for 45 minutes. 4.After exercise …

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