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About Us

AllNutrition.co.in provides easy access to vetted food and nutrition data from across the globe. It is an entry to reliable data on nutrition, healthy consumption, physical activity, and diseases and its cure through homoeopathy and natural remedies for the individuals.

Providing science-based dietary steering is important to boost the public’s ability to create healthy decisions within the effort to cut back obesity and different food related diseases. Since dietary needs modification throughout the lifetime, specialised nutrition data is provided concerning infants, children, teens, adult ladies and men, and seniors.

Users will realize sensible data on healthy consumption, dietary supplements, fitness and health conditions and therefore the precautions one ought to take. The site is kept fresh with the most recent news and features links to attention-grabbing sites.

AllNutrition.co.in continually strive to enhance both the content and usability of the site. The AllNutrition.co.in site contains links to current and reliable nutrition data.

AllNutrition.co.in is revived by Dr. Tasnim Maner in cooperation with a panel of food and nutrition expert advisers from round the world.  AllNutrition.co.in web site was launched in Jan, 2016 with the only real mission for guiding people for a healthy living and therefore the removing the perceptions of homoeopathy treatment with its effective and complete results for numerous diseases.

Our objectives are:

  • To provide the highest level of information about health nutrition and homeopathy cure for various diseases.
  • To foster new discoveries leading to improved health for the people across the world.
  • To strengthen health capacities and services for communities.
  • To disseminate health information, and increase awareness of health as a public good and fundamental right.

Our Mission

The mission of AllNutritions.co.in is to make quality homeopathic treatment available to each and every person in the world, irrespective of their geographical and linguistic barriers and to spread the importance of nutrition among livings.

Our Values

  1. Ensuring quality treatment to our patient.
  2. Care and compassion towards the patient
  3. A dedicated sense of integrity in our diagnostic and treatment processes
  4. Ensuring patient information confidentiality
  5. Honest,truthful and clear
  6. Approachability and disposition to guide the patient.