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Quinoa, Amazing Vegan health booster 2020 !

Quinoa is an ancient grain, also known as the “Mother of all grains”. Commonly available quinoa in stores is white, red & black quinoa     (Keen-wah). Today we are here to discuss the health benefits of quinoa in diet, Most important thing in our day to day routine is How to …

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Honour your body weight 2020 resolution!

“Thoughts becomes things”                                                                           –Homeo-cure We live in an age where we have forgotten what life is all about, we can easily put a person on moon & now mars also, but we are lazy enough to have trouble walking across street, playground or to have morning walk in order …

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Natural & Homeopathic treatment for Dry skin


Winter is one such season that not solely brings some pleasant experiences for heart and mind however additionally brings uncomfortable status to the skin of the face, hands, and feet. With the temperature drop, the humidness level drops in addition and our skin becomes parched owing to dry air. We …

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