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How Your Mind is Making You Obese?

Homeo-Cure Weight Loss Diet

“Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body will, feel the fear & do it anyways” –Homeo-cure As you read the lines start feeling motivated immediately and it gives your thought  a temporary boost for sure that YES! now I am going to control my mind, I have …

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Daily practices to stay young in 2018 !!!

“You are never  too old to be young” Truly said by someone, but are there any Daily practices to stay young? Does such things exits? If yes, then why we all on earth have different age groups? All should come under young age category by following such practices. Wait! before …

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Kahwa Tea the Amazing Health Booster!

We work, we do exercise, we do partying, we do traveling but one thing that doesn’t change is our habit of having morning beverage. Tea is an all-around healthy beverage, everyone knows that. Yes indeed it’s a healthy routine unless we choose the right one. Drinking a Tea with loads …

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